Governance Documents

ProAssurance Corporation is committed to the highest ethical standards as a critical part of its business operations and its corporate goal of building shareholder value. Responsive, transparent corporate governance is a key component of these ethical standards of operation. We believe that sound corporate governance will foster trust, confidence and accountability, and will ensure that our financial results continue to represent the true condition of our Company.

The Board of Directors of ProAssurance developed these corporate governance guidelines and committee charters to insure that the Board has the necessary tools and authority to review and evaluate the Company’s business operations. These documents will allow the Board to make decisions that are independent of the Company’s management. We believe these governance documents will further align the interests of directors and management with those of our shareholders and will enhance our ability to achieve the company's goals and long-term success.

The Guidelines and Committee Charters are in addition to, and are not intended to change or interpret, any Federal or state law or regulation, including the Delaware General Corporation Law or our Certificate of Incorporation or Bylaws. The board expects to monitor the success of these Guidelines and may modify them if and when doing so will increase accountability and transparency in our Corporate Governance.

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